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Anna Bailey & Nathanael Bailey


Duluth, MN




Coming May 2023

Artist Bio: Creative to the core, Anna found a love for mosaics from her leftover furniture-making scraps. Unable to part with the beautiful lumber, she reclaimed it, and has made a passion-filled career and name for herself. Pioneering this new use of wood in art, Anna has redefined the media of wood and created a technique and art form that’s entirely unique. Her work explores the complexity of restraint found in lines and circles. In our world of endless opportunity, she believes restraint is a virtue and desires her work to mirror that simple world. Beauty from restraint. We don't have to do it all.

Artist Statement: I make my signature wood mosaics by hand, which can take weeks. I cut wood to size, laminate to backer with nails, sand, paint/stain, frame, and finish by hand. All images represent my signature works. Wood replicas of signatures are designed on the computer, printed on a laser, assembled by hand.

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