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Joachim Knill


Hannibal, MO




Coming May 2023

Artist Bio: I sprouted from a creative family in Switzerland, drawing, painting, and inventing creatures, vehicles and environments to populate my imaginary worlds. At the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, I advanced my skills to build and depict my ideas, produced art films, and gained an appreciation for creating an audience experience. I also built a 20”x30” polaroid camera and started photographing small surreal landscape installations. To make ends meet, I did house renovations, animation for commercials, industrial robot construction, and art department equipment repairs. Until I discovered outdoor arts festivals. They felt like the fine art equivalent to film screenings. The installations I was photographing grew larger, culminating in my art installation “National Treasure”, a shipping crate containing a historic portrait room with paintings from a fictional civilization of stuffed toy animals. Now I create the paintings for an audience to acquire and plot and construct upcoming art installations such as “Seedlab”, a techno-bioengineering lab containing sculptural seedpods.

Artist Statement: Oil painting on panel. Part of "national treasure". an installation of a shipping crate containing a portrait room, stolen, acquired, and traded from some place inhabited by stuffed toy animals.

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