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Juried Art Fair presented by Nationwide

The centerpiece of the Des Moines Arts Festival is the highly competitive Juried Art Fair presented by Nationwide. Festival artists are selected through a rigorous, industry acclaimed blind jury process that takes place over the course of multiple days. The process is completed by five jurors who are privy to images of the artwork with associated pricing, booth images and an artist statement. No other information is provided to them. This intensive process results in a collection of vibrant, innovative, and masterful original works of art. The wide array of art in every medium is what attracts Festival guests year after year, who annually spend more than one million dollars on art at the Festival.

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23 Invited Artists


Evan Abrahamson, Drawing & Painting, Waconia, MN

Cheryl Eve Acosta, Jewelry, Kansas City, MO

Margaret Aden, Jewelry, Tucson, AZ

Krista Allenstein, Mixed Media, Elm Grove, WI

Jeribai Andrew-jaja, Drawing, fort worth, TX

Andres Arango, Fiber - Wearable, Miami, FL

Andrew Arkell, Emerging Artist, Chicago, IL

Jackson Avila, Painting & Jewelry, Evergreen, CO

Anna Bailey & Nathanael Bailey, Wood, Duluth, MN

Marian Baker, Mixed Media, Oneonta, AL

Stephanie Barenz, Mixed Media, Madison, WI

Laura Baring-Gould, Metalworks, Somerville, MA

Billie Barthelemy, Fiber - Wearable, Pinewood, MN

Chelsea Bird, Jewelry, Pawtucket, RI

Annie Bisone, Fiber - Wearable, Milwaukee, WI

Emma Bolles, Emerging Iowa Artist, Waukee, IA

Mike Bose, Clay, Bedford, IA

Paul Braun, Painting, St. Augustine, FL

Chuck Brenton, Emerging Artist, Bellvue, CO

Deborahmae Broad, Printmaking, Twin  Valley, MN

Elissa Brown, Mixed Media, Abilene, TX

Ed Brownlee, Clay, Kalamazoo, MI

Jenna Brownlee, Painting, Clive, IA

Jack Brumbaugh, Drawing, Tracys Landing, MD

Lisa Burge, Mixed Media & Printmaking, Kansas City, MO

Alex Burke, Photography, Greeley, CO

Eric Candee, Jewelry, Salida, CO

Andrew Carson, Sculpture, Seattle, WA

Theresa Carson Shafer, Jewelry, Baltimore, MD

Gustavo Castillo, Painting, Port Saint Lucie, FL

Michael Cherepak, Printmaking, Lake Tapawingo, MO

Derek Christensen, Mixed Media, Chicago, IL

Beth Clark, Jewelry, Oak Park, IL

James Cole, Photography, Plainfield, IL

Matt Conlon, Clay, Ogden, UT

Karin Connolly, Photography, Orlando, FL

Tony Cray, Glass, New Melle, MO

Adam Crowell, Wood, Bonneau, SC

Chris Dahlquist, Photography, Kansas City, MO

Karen DeGuire, Emerging Artist, Saint Louis, MO

Penny Dobson, Mixed Media, Northport, AL

Rachel Dory, Mixed Media, Austin, TX

Karen Dreyer, Clay, Leawood, KS

Lauri Dunn-Peterson, Digital, Denver, CO

Jeff Easley, Wood, Parnell, IA

Judith Eastburn, Photography, Des Moines, IA

Ummarid Eitharong, Painting & Mixed Media, DeLand, FL

Amee Ellis, Photography, Des Moines, IA

Leslie Emery, Mixed Media, Winthrop Harbor, IL

Paul Eshelman, Clay, Elizabeth, IL

Jennifer Falter, Clay, Springfield, MO

Nathan Falter, Clay, Springfield, MO

Mary Filapek & Lou Ann Townsend, Jewelry, Albuquerque, NM

Tom Findlay, Mixed Media, Birmingham, AL

Andy Fletcher, Painting, Stoddard, WI

Aileen Frick, Mixed Media, Phoenix, AZ

Leslie Friedman, Glass, Arlington, TX

Michele Friedman, Jewelry, Chicago, IL

Betsy Giberson, Fiber - Wearable, Warner, NH

David Gilbertsen & Joy Wallace, Mixed Media, Camp Lake, WI

Jonathan Glowacki, Wood, Milwaukee, WI

Luis Gonzalez, Wood, Miami, FL

Joseph Graci, Wood, Marquette, MI

Bryan Griffith, Mixed Media, Flagstaff, AZ

Debo Groover, Mixed Media, Tallahassee, FL

Chris Gug, Photography, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Leslie Anne Guinan, Mixed Media, Des Moines, IA

Hilary Hachey, Jewelry, Baltimore, MD

Anthony Hansen, Metalworks, morro bay, CA

Shawn Harris, Digital, Trinidad, CO

Kate Harrold, Digital, Nashville, TN

Diane Harty, Fiber - Wearable, Frisco, CO

Barbara Helene, Mixed Media, Grand Rapids, MI

Matthew Hemminghaus, Photography, Vandalia, MO

Clifton Henri, Photography, Chicago, IL

Scott Hildebrandt, Sculpture, Littleton, CO

RobinRenee Hix, Mixed Media, Wimberly, TX

Cali Hobgood, Photography, Urbana, IL

Luke Hubbard, Painting, Ankeny, IA

Erica Iman, Clay & Painting, Kansas City, MO

Nicario Jimenez, Mixed Media, Naples, FL

Aletha Jones, Painting, Madison, WI

Steve Jones, Mixed Media, Wentzville, MO

Mira Jung, Emerging Iowa Artist, Ames, IA

Brian Keller, Painting, Denver, CO

Brenna Klassen-Glanzer, Jewelry, Minneapolis, MN

Joachim Knill, Painting, Hannibal, MO

Ryan Kvande, Sculpture, Thornton, CO

Lynda Ladwig, Clay, Lafayette, CO

Amy Lansburg, Mixed Media, Valdosta, GA

Robin Lauersdorf, Drawing, Monona, WI

Diane Lawrence, Fiber - Non-Wearable, Berryton, KS

Kerry Leasure, Jewelry, Hoover, AL

Bill Lepak, Wood, St Louis, MO

Tina Leto, Photography, Chicago, IL

Linda Lewis, Clay, West Des Moines, IA

Margaret Luttrell, Mixed Media, Knoxville, TN

Ynon Mabat, Digital, Longwood, FL

Andrew Manaylo, Mixed Media, Boca Raton, FL

Trent Manning, Mixed Media, Winter Haven, FL

Kelly Marshall, Fiber - Non-Wearable, Minneapolis, MN

Rob Matthews, Mixed Media, Des Moines, IA

Jaana Mattson, Mixed Media, Marshall, NC

Mays Mayhew, Drawing, Aurora, IL

Brice McCasland, Mixed Media, McKinney, TX

Cindy McDougall, Jewelry, Fergus Falls, MN

Igor Menaker, Mixed Media & Photography, Chicago, IL

Allison Metzger & Jonathan Metzger, Printmaking, Des Moines, IA

Balbina Meyer, Mixed Media, Lexington, KY

Michael Mikula, Glass, Cleveland, OH

Kate Morgan, Mixed Media, Columbus, OH

Rosa Murillo & Ruben Lopez, Jewelry, Huntersville, NC

Katie Musolff, Painting, MyBeere, WI

Janvier Ngamije, Fiber - Wearable, Lewisville, TX

Thomas Nye, Glass, Minneapolis, MN

Enid Kate O'Rourke, Fiber - Wearable, Manakin Sabot, VA

Elizabeth Oehler, Emerging Artist, Centerville, IA

Lauren Oland, Fiber - Wearable, Austin, TX

Lawrence Oliverson, Photography, Sullivan, WI

Steven Olszewski, Sculpture, Pinckney, MI

Susan Otterson, Fiber - Wearable, Madison, WI

Lawrence Packard, Drawing, Winter Haven, FL

Olivia Palmer, Emerging Iowa Artist, Peculiar, MO

Debra Payne, Painting, Stilwell, KS

Carrie Pearce, Mixed Media, Peoria, IL

James Pearce, Wood, Peoria, IL

Caitlin Penny, Printmaking, Lenexa, KS

Mary Jane Piccuirro, Mixed Media, West Hurley, NY

Reza Pishgahi, Sculpture, Bloomington, IN

Kerrin Pogozelski, Fiber - Wearable, Aurora, CO

H.C. Porter, Mixed Media, Vicksburg, MS

Mary Pow, Fiber - Non-Wearable, Minneapolis, MN

Ed Pribyl, Sculpture, McHenry, IL

Nolan Prohaska, Glass, Somerset, WI

Ron Purvis, Wood, Damascus, OR

Jeffrey A Raasch, Clay, Milwaukee, WI

Agnes Rathonyi, Mixed Media, St Catharines, Ontario

Emma Reed, Emerging Iowa Artist, Cedar Rapids, IA

Ella Richards, Mixed Media, New York, NY

Meghan Riley, Jewelry, Brooklyn, NY

Chris Robleski & Katie Robleski, Photography, Milwaukee, WI

Jovy Rockey, Jewelry, Winona, MN

Kerry Rolewicz, Drawing, Rockford, MI

Matthew Roman, Wood, Lawrence, KS

Matthew Rucker, Painting, Minneapolis, MN

Ashley Sauder Miller, Mixed Media, Harrisonburg, VA

Jason Sharp, Wood, Boyne City, MI

Andrew Shea, Glass, Minneapolis, MN

Douglas Sigwarth & Renee Sigwarth, Glass, River Falls, WI

Eric Silva, Jewelry, Whittier, CA

Steven Skinner, Clay, New Carlisle, IN

Seth Smith, Painting, Overland Park, KS

Thomas Spake, Glass, Jasper, TN

Erica Stankwytch Bailey, Jewelry, Arden, NC

Audrey Stirling, Emerging Iowa Artist, Runnells, IA

Mark Sudduth, Glass, Cleveland Hts., OH

Julie Sutter-Blair, Printmaking, Belleville, WI

Meri Taylor, Jewelry, St. Louis, MO

Justin Teilhet, Mixed Media, Yellow Springs, OH

Marina Terauds, Printmaking, North Branch, MI

Craig Terry, Mixed Media, Springville, UT

Sharon Tesser, Fiber - Non-Wearable, Cape Coral, FL

Jenifer Thoem, Clay, Rome, GA

Lou Ann Townsend, Painting, Albuquerque, NM

Kimberly Tschida Petters, Painting, Minneapolis, MN

Thomas Tyers, Wood, Omro, WI

Chris Vance, Painting, Bondurant, IA

Alicia Velasquez, Jewelry, Iowa City, IA

Jeri Vitello, Fiber - Wearable, Bremen, IN

Tyler Voorhees, Mixed Media, Fennville, MI

Karin Wagner Coron, Drawing, Ypsilanti, MI

Thomas Wargin, Sculpture, Monomonee Falls, WI

Hannah Wave Flower, Emerging Artist, Glenshaw, PA

Angela Welti, Jewelry, Okemos, MI

Colleen Williams, Clay, Chattanooga, TN

Rob Williams, Painting, Windsor, CO

Leila Wilson, Painting, Flower Mound, TX

Richard Wilson, Drawing, Greenville, NC

Claudia Winter, Jewelry, Long Grove, IL

Mark Winter, Sculpture, Milwaukee, WI

Zitong Yin, Emerging Artist, Ankeny, IA

Kreg Yingst, Printmaking, Pensacola, FL



Explore the roster of artists from current and past Festivals.


These artists are past winners of the Juried Art Fair.


The exclusive sneak peek at the 2023 selected visual artists.


Information for artists exhibiting in the 2023 Des Moines Arts Festival.

Coming March 7

Emerging Artists presented by Principal

The Emerging Iowa Artist (EIA) Program presented by Principal® is a juried showcase of promising visual artists that delivers a pathway into the established competitive career within the visual art industry. It aims to foster professional and artistic development while nurturing creative skills.


The program was launched in 2003 when G. David Hurd, Chairman and CEO of Principal Financial Group (now Principal), envisioned the next generation of artistry and artists. The program has provided opportunity for over 200 pre-professional artists. Some of our past artists include Ben Schuh (painter and muralist), Stephanie Brunia (photography, Iowa Arts Council Fellow), Katie Waugh (photography, sculpture, video). The EIA program is made possible by Principal. Principal is a global financial investment management and insurance company headquartered in Des Moines.


To qualify for the program, applicants must be Iowa residents currently enrolled in or recently graduated (within one year) from a university, college or art school anywhere in the country. Individuals can participate in the EIA program for two years (either consecutively or non-consecutively). Because of financial support from Principal, this program is free to qualified artists. There is no charge to submit images for consideration. If you are interested in being considered for the exhibition, contact Stephen King via email at


Student Art Exhibition 
presented by Greenstate Credit Union

The Student Art Exhibition (SAE) presented by GreenState Credit Union spotlights the creativity of children in grades K-12 attending schools in Central Iowa through a special exhibition at the Festival. Additionally, the students were recognized at a Visionary Artist Ceremony on Saturday of the Festival and will be recognized a special reception in September.

The Student Art Exhibition is designed to encourage children to pursue their passion for the visual arts, and to recognize student and teacher achievements and artistic talent.

Applications for the 2023 Student Art Exhibition are open now! Click below for more information.

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